Privacy Policy...
Data usage will require some of your basic personal details (as the patient), such as: your name, email address, full home address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, weight, height.
Your telephone number allows to contact you urgently, if there is a problem, or any questions, regarding your e-Consultation for genuine Viagra.
After you submit your e-consultation form, would need to contact you. would usually correspond by e-mail, as a first means of communication (especially if you are overseas), but (suppliers of medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra), may need to use the telephone in certain cases.
Your number will not be disclosed to any third parties. will also need to know some medical information about yourself (historical and current), in relation to potentially prescribing any genuine Viagra (and similar products such as Cialis and Levitra).
Of course, you will also need to provide a delivery address (no PO boxes), and payment details to secure Payment Service Provider (PSP), if you choose to pay online via credit/debit card.